This is our Slender design in a distinctive, rare, true Ebony. This Black and White Ebony originates from Southeast Asia and Laos. The trim (handle and rings) are Walnut. The Slender design named itself with its graceful slender lines. The rich colors and grain in Black and White Ebony reminds us of a water color painting - nature is simply amazing. Ebony is often used in instruments like guitars, violins, and pianos as well as very ornate cars. We are John & Laurie and we begin our creations searching for the most amazing hardwoods then handcraft each unique piece. To reveal the natural colors and character in the hardwood we use clear lacquer. The natural beauty in Black and White Ebony is just amazing. Click on the picture to zoom in and see the deep rich colors up close. This beautiful handcrafted wooden work-of-art has the added feature of being illuminated with candles or led lighting. Our Wooden Art Lantern adds beauty to living room decor. It is also a beautiful finishing touch to any room when displayed on a table or hanging from the ceiling or off a wall with a wall mount bracket. NOTE: A tea light candle is included with the lantern. The larger battery candle with 5 hour timer is an additional $8.00 and can be added to your purchase at the bottom of the listing page or in accessories.

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Height: 17.5 inches

Width: 8.5 inches

Includes a tealight candle.

Clear glass Chimney globe helps keep candles lit.

Use your own preferred lighting like: votive candles, LED fairy lights, battery candles with timer or remote. 

Clean with a soft cloth.

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Rare Hardwood
Black and White Ebony

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